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?Imagine what you could make possible

How much faster could you achieve commercialization by using pharmaceutical-grade products that can be tailored to your specifications to overcome challenges unique to nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations?

Expertly synthesized fine chemicals

Imagine what you could do with an experienced nutraceutical R&D partner at your side offering you extensive support in custom chemical synthesis, including product development, project management, and scale-up expertise.

Highly efficient chromatography

Imagine what you could do with chromatography products that deliver specificity, recovery, reproducibility, and superior efficiency for the very demanding challenge of separating and purifying unique biological compounds.

Uniquely functional excipients

Imagine what you could do working with a partner who can engineer materials to your exact specifications and minimize the number of excipients and complexity of your formulation, while expediting manufacturing and improving the efficacy and stability of your nutraceutical product.

Exceptionally innovative active ingredient delivery

Imagine what you could do to the sustainability and economics of your nutraceutical products if you could enhance the flavor while reducing the amount of expensive flavoring agents. These goals are no longer an insurmountable challenge. 

Our SYLOID? silica active ingredient delivery technology combines Grace's extensive expertise in mesoporous silica gel, novel application methods, and patent pending technologies to accelerate the screening and development of your nutraceutical formulations.


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